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2 potential landing spots for a pair of Penn State basketball players in the transfer gate | Penn State Basketball News

Just a week ago, two Penn State players announced their decision to leave coach Carolyn Kieger’s draft and enter the transfer portal.

Second-year guard Tova Sabel and junior guard Shay Hagans are the two Lady Lions who plan to test the Portal waters this offseason.

Sabel and Hagans broke the news on their Instagram accounts last week.

“Thank you to the coaches for recruiting me and for all the opportunities at Penn State,” Hagans said via an Instagram post.

Hagans was Penn State’s fourth-leading scorer and started in 15 of the team’s 29 games during the 2021-22 season.

Sabel, although a sophomore, saw the field 26 times last season.

“I am so grateful to the coaches who signed me and to my teammates who I have been able to play with for the past two years,” Sabel said via an Instagram post.

Penn State fans will likely miss Hagans’ quick runs down the field as well as Sabel’s prowess picking up defensive boards.

With these two players getting back into the market, there could be a number of potential suitors vying to get their hands on the Nittany Lions for the 2022-23 season.

Hagans was named Penn State’s defensive captain for the 2021-22 season, and she could fit in perfectly at No. 15 Kentucky.

Although the Wildcats were ranked No. 15, their overall record at the end of the season was 19-12, going from just 8-8 with its conference games.

Kentucky needs help defensively, and Hagans might be the right fit.

After winning the SEC Tournament earlier in March, the Wildcats qualified for the NCAA Tournament and were defeated by Princeton 69-62.

The reason Hagans would be a good choice for Kentucky is because in their opener with Princeton, the Tigers scored the first five points of the final quarter, giving them their biggest lead of the game en route to a win.


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If Hagans was on the court when it happened, she could have used her speed to stop Princeton from scoring five straight.

Hagans had 50 interceptions last season, as well as 41 defensive rebounds. The rising elder could be used in the same bench role to provide defensive stability at Lexington for the next two seasons.

On the other hand, Sabel is a year behind Hagans and has had successful first- and second-year campaigns. During her first year, she participated in 24 blue and white matches.

Sabel is a versatile player who can work in almost all areas of the pitch.

She has a total of 138 points from last season, along with 18 assists, 19 steals and 69 rebounds.

Considering she will have three additional years of eligibility due to a year granted by the coronavirus, the Nittany Lion may prove to be a great portal addition, given that she seems to have a high cap and her ability to provide stability at the start. five needs rest.

Sabel could fit in at No. 22 at Oklahoma, which was 25-9 overall last season.

The Sooners advanced to the second round of the NCAA Tournament after beating IUPUI 78-72 in the first round. However, Oklahoma lost the second round to Notre Dame in a brutal 108-64 loss.

In its final game of the season, Oklahoma had just seven interceptions against Notre Dame’s 16.

Stealing and perimeter defense overall are areas where Sabel could help Oklahoma, and she could fit nicely into a relatively young roster as an experienced guard with three seasons to contribute.


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