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As Netizens Complain About Blocked Basketball Courts, Baey Yam Keng Explains Why It Had To Be Done, Digital News

Avid basketball players in Tampines North will not be able to shoot hoops in ward courts at this time after authorities responded to multiple complaints from residents about player behavior.

According to a recent Facebook post by Tampines RCMP MP (MP) Baey Yam Keng, he received photographic evidence of people playing basketball or sepak takraw playing in close contact and hanging out on the courts without masks.

Other complaints range from noise pollution into the wee hours of the morning, widespread litter and failure to adhere to social distancing rules by having more than five players at a time. Even when the Tampines City Council attempted to temporarily close the neighborhood courts, some people ignored the cordons. Large crowds returned again when the courts reopened.

As such, the hard courts in Tampines North will now be closed for longer – exactly two months. To ensure that no one can use the facilities, basketball hoops and sepak takraw net pegs will be removed entirely.

It’s not an ideal solution, Baey said, but it is one that makes sense in the broader public interest, especially when Covid-19 transmission rates within the community drop by day by day.

Complaints to Yishun

In Yishun, authorities are responding to residents’ complaints in a similar fashion by closing access to basketball courts last month.

The Shin Min Daily News reported complaints about large gatherings of teenagers playing at a protected basketball court along Yishun Ring Road.

“To minimize the risk of community spread of Covid-19, the edge of the basketball hoop is currently sealed and the court will be closed for basketball activities until further notice,” reads a posted closure notice. in the field.

A resident who spoke to Zaobao noted that up to 30 people gathered in court, with the teenagers smoking, chatting and playing matches until midnight.

Elsewhere in Yishun, a basketball player is not very happy with the preventive measures taken.

“Don’t be a cat and decorate the hoops,” the person wrote on the Complaint Singapore group’s Facebook page on October 19, objecting to the blocking of the hoops at Yishun Nature Park. He seems to believe it was the work of an aggrieved resident.

The measures have been a long time coming as authorities have repeatedly appealed to the public to respect public health rules when exercising outdoors.

In August, the Minister of Sustainable Development and Environment, Grace Fu, noted that she had received many comments regarding violations of safety measures in public spaces such as playgrounds located in various HDB areas.

City councils are closely monitoring the situation, she said, but if residents continue to defy the rules they will block access to community facilities.

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