Basketball courts

Basketball courts named after singer Bryson Tiller vandalized

The six panels of Bryson Tiller Court are broken. Yet the vandalism did not deter people from going to court on Memorial Day weekend.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Residents of the Beechmont neighborhood seek help from the community after someone vandalizes refurbished basketball goals at Wyandotte Park.

Photos circulating on social media showed the six Bryson Tiller Court panels smashed. Yet the vandalism did not deter people from coming to court over the bank holiday weekend.

“I didn’t have a job today, I just wanted to go somewhere to play basketball and I chose here because it’s the nicest courts in town,” said Drew Brown. “They are very new and [I was] just extremely disappointed, sad and all when I came and saw all the damage. “

Brown and his daughter Lilly often come to court to shoot a basket. For them, the courtyard feels like home.

“I started playing because of my dad, and it’s something that we can connect with and bond with,” Lilly said.

Brown grew up near Wyandotte Park, excited when it was announced the courts would be renovated with help from R&B singer Bryson Tiller, who wanted to give back to the community that raised him.

“When they announced this project I was really excited, I was here kind of on opening day for them,” Brown said. “My daughter and I don’t have quick access to an indoor gym every day and even growing up I relied on outdoor courts.”

When they arrived in court on Monday, however, they found broken glass and vandalized hoops.

“He brought me here today because I have a really big training tomorrow, so we used to come here to work, then we came here and to see that and it’s really sad,” said Lilly.

The two tried to find the least vandalized hoop and got to work.

Mister Ed, a resident who visited the park on Sunday, said the damage was not the first he had noticed in recent weeks, and that the park had been targeted since the court was inaugurated in 2017.

“I would say it’s not something that represents our community well and it’s unfortunate that a few bad apples have really ruined a great place for a lot of people to enjoy,” Brown said.

Ed said he hopes a security camera catches the culprits. There is a surveillance camera above the courthouse, and Metro Parks said anyone who knows anything should contact the Louisville Metro Police Department.

Metro Parks said it would rebuild the signs and community members said they would continue to gather – leaving no vandals distracted from enjoying the grounds.

“Even though we have to come out here as a community and clean up this mess, to start all over again, we will do it because you can’t hold us back like that. He was put up there once, we are going to do it again because we hope to catch the people who are behind this, ”Ed said.

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