Basketball courts

CCTV to be installed on basketball courts in Victoria Park after vandalism

CCTV is expected to be installed in a park in Malvern after concerns were raised over vandalism.

The basketball courts in Victoria Park were opened earlier this year, but minor acts of vandalism were feared on the spot.

For this reason, the councilors agreed to have a camera installed to keep an eye on the courts.

At a Malvern City Council planning meeting, councilors were briefed by operations manager Charles Porter, who said a local security firm was prepared to do the work for free.

He told the meeting: “We’ve had an approach from basketball players that they know someone who can do that kind of work.

“He agreed to do the job for free, all we have to do is put the electricity on.

“They suffered minor acts of vandalism on the spot.”

Mr Porter told council the new camera will be pole mounted on site and can be moved to cover different parts of the park.

Planning committee chair Cllr Cynthia Palmer said she supported the decision given the time and effort it took to bring the courts to Malvern.

She said: “Because these were long in coming and expensive, I think it’s a good idea.”

His comments were echoed by Cllr Sharon Taylor, who said: “It’s fantastic that we found someone willing to do this for free.”

Councilors agreed to approve an expenditure of £ 600 to hook up power to the cameras at the November 24 meeting.

The basketball courts are the result of five years of hard work by local basketball enthusiasts Jon May and Tom Bennett.

After the plans were approved by the council, they opened completely in August.

The state-of-the-art courts are full size and “NBA approved” while being fully wheelchair accessible.

They have a Flexcourt surface that drains well, minimizing the amount of weather damage and wasted playing time due to rain and frost.

The Victoria Park courts are the first such surface in a public facility in England.