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College basketball players immersed in January game action – Knox County VillageSoup

Midcoast Busline League college basketball teams seemed to be starting 2022 off on the right foot. Or, at the very least, get a few wins.

Many have achieved that goal now that games have started after the holidays.

St. George at Hope scene Jan. 12 in Busline League Middle School Boys Basketball. Photo by Holly Vanorse Spicer

Some teams and schools have had crises this winter due to COVID-19 protocols and inclement weather, but many are playing here and there.

The Busline League includes: Appleton Village School, Boothbay Region Elementary School, Bristol Consolidated School, Camden-Rockport Middle School, Edna Drinkwater Elementary School in Northport, Great Salt Bay School of Damariscotta, Hope Elementary School, Islesboro Central School, Jefferson Village School, Lincolnville Central School, Medomak Middle School of Waldoboro, North Haven Community School, Nobleboro School, Oceanside Middle School of Thomaston, Searsport District Middle School, South Bristol School, St. George School, Troy Howard Middle School of Belfast, Vinalhaven School, Wiscasset Middle School and Woolwich Central School.

Medomak’s stage at Searsport on Jan. 10 in Busline League middle school boys’ basketball. Photo by Mark Haskell

Schools are separated, based on enrollment, into large and small school divisions. Some schools, such as Drinkwater, may not be offering indoor after-school activities this winter due to the ongoing pandemic.

Coaches can report results to MaineStay Media/VillageSoup by emailing game information or sending photos, taken with a smartphone, of home and away books to [email protected] Results can also be reported by calling 594-4401 ext. 116.

Scene from Lincolnville to Appleton Jan. 10 in Busline League college boys’ basketball. Photo by Holly Vanorse Spicer

Here is a summary of the recently published results:


Medomak 8th 43, Searsport 42

At Searsport on Jan. 10, the Vikings pulled out an early hole and took a late lead, but the Riverhawks earned the tie and the go-ahead from Dima Cheesman’s free throws with 14 seconds left to help the visitors. to achieve victory.

Medomak led 21-10, 28-27 and 36-34 at quarter breaks.

Mason Nguyen scored 18 points for the Riverhawks, while Luke Cheesman added 10; Dima Cheesman, six; five-year-old Owen Dostie; and Logan Vigue, four.

Landon Economy scored 25 points for the Vikings, while Isaac Traves and Sam Jewett added five; Ravon Carbisiero, three; and Camden Springer and Tucker Heiler, two.

Medomak was 2 of 11 (18%) from the foul line, while Searsport was 8 of 16 (50%).

Lincolnville 58, Appleton 46

In Appleton on January 10, the Lynx toppled the Wildcats, after the visitors led 21-10, 32-26 and 47-37 at the break quarters.

Pacing Lincolnville was Thomas Leadbetter with 17 points; Mickey Nowell, 15; Liam Day-Lynch, 10; Kaden Witham, eight; Ian Hammond, six; and Larkin Mott, two.

For Appleton, Gavin Campbell and Manny Mosheyer scored 16 points; Jacob Harrington, six; Carter Campbell, four; Aiden Barley and Odin Pearson, two.

The Lynxes were 4 of 8 and the Wildcats 2 of 4 from the free throw line, for 50% each.

Oceanside 52, Troy Howard 37

In Belfast on January 5, the Mariners picked up a 15-point victory. Oceanside led 9-6, 24-18 and 31-29 at quarter breaks.

Alonzo Hoose scored 24 points for Oceanside, while Keegan Simms added nine; Grady Geretz, eight; Landon Weaver, five; and Josh Bagnall, Carter Elliot and Cody Dodge, two.

Trevin Ripley scored 16 points for Troy Howard, while Brody Balicki added 12; Cole Garish, five; and Justin Massey and Michael Alley, two.

The Mariners were 4 in 10 (40%) of the charity strip, while the Lions were 3 in 4 (75%).

Medomak stage at Searsport on Jan. 10 in the Busline League Middle School Girls’ Basketball. Photo by Mark Haskell

Medomak 7e 47, Camden-Rockport 42

At Waldoboro on Jan. 6, the Riverhawks went undefeated this season with a five-point win over the Schooners. Medomak led 10-9 after the first quarter, while Camden-Rockport took a 21-15 halftime lead and held a 31-30 advantage after three quarters.

Liam Feeley and Kollin Donlin led Medomak with nine points, while Landon Morrison and Landon Starr added eight; six-year-old Clark Elwell; five-year-old Joe Wilcox; and Andrew Flanders, two.

Dom Domarecki scored 17 points for Camden-Rockport, while Braden Beveridge added 13; Brandon Nelson, five; Christian McCafferty, Zachary Mason and Jack Thornell, two; and Phineas Baroody, one.


Medomak 7th 30, Troy Howard 18

In Belfast on January 12, the Riverhawks pounced late to pull away from the host Lions for the Waldoboro-based side’s first win of the campaign.

Medomak was led by Lilly Hills with nine points; Molly Emerson, six; Sidney Nicholls, five; Rachel Barbour and Grace Havener, four; and Brooke McNelly, two.

For the Lions, Emma Tripp had nine points; Amaarah Thorndy, four; Jaedyn Bradley, three; and Hope Reynolds, two.

Scene from St. George at Hope on Jan. 12 in Busline League Middle School Girls’ Basketball. Photo by Holly Vanorse Spicer

MMS led 5-2, 15-10 and 18-15 at the quarter break.

Riverhawk coach Andrea Williamson said McNelly, Barbour, Havener, Hills and Nicholls played solid defense. She said the team was able to “finish, put together passes, play great defense and work as a team to earn their first win of the season.”

Medomak 8th 37, Searsport 13

At Searsport on Jan. 10, the Riverhawks “got back into the groove,” coach Celia Philbrick said, en route to victory over the host Vikings. The visitors blanked the Vikings in the first half.

Medomak led 12-0, 24-0 and 37-5 at quarter breaks.

For Medomak, Chloe Fox had 12 points; Kendall Simmons and Izzy Simmons, 10; Arianna Sproul and Claudia Feeley, two; and Julia Hynd, one.

For Searsport, Elise Colby had four points; Willow Belile, three; and Amelia Seekins, Cara Toothaker and Chloe Bennett, two.

Medomak was 1 of 2 (50%) from the foul line, while Searsport was 1 of 10 (10%).

“Offensively, we moved the ball, took great shots and watched the basket well. We played good defense with a really good assist team,” Philbrick said, as the coach added that Mikayla Maschino, Ava Collamore and Kaylee Collamore played solid defense.

Oceanside 41, Hope 38

At Hope on January 10, the Hawks rallied late, but the Mariners held on and secured a three-point victory. Oceanside led 9-5, 19-13 and 31-21 at quarter breaks.

Addison Poland scored Oceanside with 19 points, while Kloey Deabler added 16 and Reese Drinkwater, Laney Fales and Baylee Hanson two.

Leah Jones had 34 points for Hope, while Alana Smith and Morgan Blanchette added two.

The Mariners were 1 of 5 (20%) from the foul line, while the Hawks were 8 of 13 (61%).

Scene from Lincolnville to Appleton on Jan. 10 in the Busline League Middle School Girls’ Basketball. Photo by Holly Vanorse Spicer

Camden-Rockport 38, Troy Howard 20

At Camden on January 6, the schooners passed the visiting Lions. Camden-Rockport led 12-1, 16-11 and 27-11 at quarter breaks.

Maddie Cronkite scored 15 points for the Schooners, while Maya Stone added 10; Lily Johnson, five; Rita Haslam, four years old; Brooklyn Rollins, three; and Olivia Smith, a.

Kloe Luce scored 10 points for Troy Howard, while Jaedyn Brady added eight and Tegan Harvey added two.

Camden-Rockport was 2 of 6 (33%) from the foul line, while Troy Howard was 3 of 20 (15%).

Scene from Lincolnville to Appleton Jan. 10 in Busline League college boys’ basketball. Photo by Holly Vanorse Spicer

Camden-Rockport 7th 40, Medomak 23

At Waldoboro on January 5, the Schooners picked up a 17-point win over the host Hawks. Camden-Rockport led 13-2, 21-8 and 29-17 at quarter breaks.

Maya Stone scored 17 points for the Schooners, while Maddie Cronkite, 11; Hannah Stowe, four; and Leia Tawbinger, Lely Johnson, Bela Haslany and Olivia Smith, two.

Rachel Barbour scored eight points for the Riverhawks, while Olivia McMurrin and Molly Emerson added four; Paige Gerlack, three; and Grace Havener, two.

Medomak coach Andrea Williamson said: “Excellent defense was played by Grace Havener, Paige Gerlack, Lilly Hills and Rachel Barbour.”

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