Basketball courts

Crestmont Park basketball courts in Abington are undergoing renovations

ABINGTON, PA – The basketball courts at Crestmont Park have undergone a complete makeover, the space has been improved since it fell into disrepair after years of heavy and frequent use.

The township posted a social media video on Tuesday showing before and after footage of basketball courts inside Crestmont Park, which is a 19.4-acre community space located at Old Welsh Road and Reservoir Avenue. in the Willow Grove section of Abington.

In the video, the municipality shows pictures of the basketball courts, which had peeling paint and what have been called “large and serious cracks, creating a danger to the players”.

The township says it temporarily filled the large cracks with asphalt, and when it dried, they removed the asphalt, smoothed the surface, and applied a product designed to permanently fill the rest of the cracks and provide a “smooth and durable playing surface.”

The yard was then completely repainted.

“This transformation is a big improvement for the park as this land is heavily used by leagues and residents, and we hope they enjoy it,” said the narrator of the video.

In addition to the basketball courts, Crestmont Park also has a softball court, tennis courts, a natural ice rink, an aquatic complex and a play area for young children.

The Township of Abington is home to a number of community parks and fields for residents and non-residents.