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ELKHART COUNTY FAIR: Former referees honored on basketball courts | Elkhart County 4-Hour Fair Coverage

GOSHEN – It always looked like Roger Moore would be working on court one and Lee “Ray” Comer on court two. And while neither man is physically on those courts anymore, they’re there in spirit this week.

At Elkhart County’s first 4-H fair since the deaths of the two men, banners hang from the fence next to court one and court two to honor Moore and Comer respectively for their dedication as referees over the years at the annual 3-on-3. basketball tournaments at the fair. A minute of silence took place before Monday’s matches in honor of the two gentlemen.

Moore died on March 26, 2020, at the age of 74. Comer passed away on August 29, 2020, at the age of 61.

Randi Yoder, a fair member of the board of directors who oversees the basketball tournament, knew there had to be a way to honor the two men this year.

“For Ray, I looked at notes and he was helping for at least 10 years, and Roger goes back to 15, 17 and even 20,” Yoder said. “These two guys – their will and their love of the fair, the love of children.

“So I started thinking a few weeks ago, as things were setting for this, I was like, ‘We have to honor them. I asked my two associates who are helping me manage this and I said, “Guys, I have this idea to just make a few banners.” “… And they were just like, ‘Sounds awesome.’ It’s just one of those little things.

One of the referees on site Monday, Danny Hurt, was a longtime friend with Moore and Comer. He didn’t know the banners were going to be made for one man or the other.

“My first thoughts were, ‘Dude, this is a nice thing for them to do,’” Hurt said when he saw the signs for the first time. “Both guys were part of the basketball team and the family. We have had great experiences, on and off the pitch. It was good for Randi and the 4-Hs to recognize them as part of (the fair).

When asked what he would remember about Moore, Yoder mentioned how much Moore loved children – and how much they loved him in return.

“Roger knew everyone – I mean, everyone,” Yoder said. “The enormity of the people as he waits for a match to start; they would come and say, “Oh, Roger is refereeing us tonight!” He always had that smile on his face and he always did it for children. He liked what he would do.

As for Comer, Yoder noted how versatile he was.

“Ray was the kind of guy – I call him the ‘gentle giant’,” Yoder said. “He was pretty calm. He had a great personality, but he was very calm. You could have a really good conversation with him. He was very stable there; just a rock.

For Hurt, he will always have fond memories of Moore and Comer.

“They were both honest guys,” Hurt said. “Roger was definitely one of a kind. He was very honest and he would tell you what he thought about it. Ray Comer was like a silent storm. I had a great time with them and I’m just happy to be a part of their basketball life.


The 3v3 basketball tournaments at the fair are different this year, as each age group will play their full tournaments in one day. In the past, teams would play the semi-finals on one day, with all age group finals taking place on Thursday. There will be no basketball on Thursday this year; on the contrary, two age groups will participate in the tournaments each day.

The 10-11 year old boys and 12-13 year old boys played on Monday. Here are the full tournament results.

BOYS 10-11 YEARS OLD (7 teams):

First round: The Ian Wall team beat. Team Brayden Lee 13-11; The Kanyn Diemer team beat. Team Ethan Sloan 13-7; The Deacon Smith team won. Team Bryce Yoder 16-15.

Second turn: The Jack Shoemaker team beat. Team Ian Wall 13-10; The Kanyn Diemer team beat. Team Deacon Smith 13-10.

Finals: The Jack Shoemaker team (Luke Nettrouer, Carson Scherer, Jack Shoemaker and Reid Nettrouer) beat. Team Kanyn Diemer 13-5.

Members of the winning team From the 10-11 year old boys 3-on-3 basketball tournament at the 2021 Elkhart County Fair are, left to right, Luke Nettrouer, Carson Scherer, Jack Shoemaker and Reid Nettrouer.

BOYS 12-13 years old (8 teams)

First round: The Parker Smith team beat. Oakley Stichter team 13-0; The Trey Caffee team beat. Team Emerson Johnson 13-5; The Brandon Foster team beat. Brady Hicks team by forfeit; The Damion Miller team beat. Team Brayden Hoag 14-12.

Second turn: The Trey Caffee team beat. Parker Smith Team 13-7; The Brandon Foster team beat. Team Damion Miller 14-6.

Finals: Team Brandon Foster (Tayshon Bardo, Brandon Foster, Teon Wadley and Jarvis Tolbert) beat. Team Trey Caffee 13-3.

12 13 year old winning team 3 of 3 boys BB tournament 2021 county fair

Members of the winning team Of the boys 12-13 3-on-3 basketball tournament at the 2021 Elkhart County Fair are, left to right, Tayshon Bardo, Brandon Foster, Teon Wadley and Jarvis Tolbert.