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Former Danville-area basketball players reunited in a rivalry game for a cause

Danville, Va. – All eyes were on the field during the game at George Washington High School, but something else special was happening there – the Danville Police Department’s Community Engagement Project continuing to help with the decrease in crime in the area.

Now the community is coming together to give back with basketball fun.

Former Pittsylvania County and Danville City high school basketball players met again for a rivalry game Thursday, and the community showed up and showed up to support the teams and the commitment project.

Sylvia Brooks, corporal for community engagement, said seeing a sold-out crowd meant everything to her.

“It’s humbling to see people come out and help other people who are other young people or whoever they are who might not be able to do certain things if we didn’t have that day,” Brooks said.

Bryson Mclaughlin, a basketball player from Pittsylvania County, said he was just happy to give back.

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“Really, it’s just to give the young people, the younger generation, a chance to see that if you work hard, it’s more than just Danville,” Mclaughlin said. “It’s more than crime in the city. As if you could rise and do better. I’m just excited to be a part of it.

The competition between the two teams may have been intense on the pitch, but Mclaughlin said after the game is over, they start treating each other like family again.

“We might talk silly between the lines, but when we get off the pitch, we’re all gonna shake hands, it’s really love,” McLaughlin said.

Through ticket sales alone, the game raised over $2,000 for the community engagement project. Concessions and raffle tickets also contributed even more money.

“Working together. Having fun. Raising money for a good cause and enjoying every minute,” Brooks said.

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