Basketball courts

Gadag public schools will soon have football pitches, basketball courts in sports infrastructure makeover – Edexlive

Representative image (Photo: Express)

Soon, children studying in public schools in Gadag district will be able to play games of their choice and interests, as Zilla Panchayat officials have decided to develop these playgrounds into more successful playgrounds. . The grounds will have an athletics track, soccer field, basketball court and other necessary sports equipment for children to play. This project has been sanctioned under the MGNREGA program.

It is implemented in different parts of Gadag district including public high schools in Futgaon Badni, Dodduru, Gojanur and Battur. According to official information, in the first phase, a total of 21 schools in the district will get these well-developed playgrounds.

Now the project has been implemented in schools that have huge playgrounds. Recently, Zilla Panchayat officials completed construction of a basketball court in Futgaon Badni village of Laxmeshwar taluk. The official said that the development of three more school grounds will be completed in a few weeks.

Gadag Zilla panchayat CEO Bharat S said, “The basketball court is being developed under MGNREGA in convergence with the Department of Education. It has an estimated cost of Rs 6.57 lakh, of which Rs 3 lakh is from the department We plan to build 21 playgrounds in the neighborhood as a first step.The department has also decided to come up with a new initiative to provide good facilities for rural sports people.

Apart from providing a good playground for children, Zilla Panchayat officials also aim to provide jobs for villagers and prevent them from migrating to different places in search of jobs. Some villagers said, “We are happy to see a high-tech field in our village school. Now our students can practice and we also want our rural talents to participate at the national level. We are grateful to all for this project which also provided employment opportunities for the natives of this village”.