Basketball courts

Girls’ tennis and basketball courts to be created in Aram Bagh, Commissioner Karachi says

LAHORE – Commissioner Karachi Iqbal Memon announced the upcoming construction of girls’ tennis and basketball courts in Aram Bagh, which will help the players to prepare well for their national and international events.

According to KBBA President Ghulam Muhammad Khan, the commissioner said this during a visit to Aram Bagh, where he attended the quarterfinals of Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai 2021 SSB Cup basketball tournament. He also met the organizers, players and spectators, Parveen Kayani, Khalid Jameel Shamsi, M Arshad, Master Asghar Baloch, M Saleem Khamisani, Ghulam Abbas, M Yaqub, M Akhlaq, M Naseem, Ayaz Munshi, Kaleem Awan, Shaheer Khan, Usman Ghani, Mr. Haider Khan, Zulfiqar Abbas Khan and others.

Iqbal Memon assured his full support to the athletes for the promotion of sports and healthy activities in Karachi. He said the Sports Ministry together with the Sindh and Baldia South government will ensure the provision of healthy activities for the city player by carrying out the aforementioned two projects. “During my tenure as Commissioner, more playgrounds will be created and populated. I would also like to congratulate the leadership of the KBBA and the Sindh Sports Council for paying a rich tribute to the great Sufi saint of Sindh – Shah Abdul Latif Bhatai – by organizing this event in a proper manner, ”he added. .

Meanwhile, the Nishtar Club and Mamba Squad have advanced to the semi-finals. The Mamba Squad Basketball Club beat the Bounce Basketball Club by 43-35 with Usman Bashir (9), Mubashir Qutbuddin (8), Zia (5) and Rehab (5) playing well for the winners. In the second quarter-final, Nishtar Basketball Club beat Aram Bagh Basketball Club by 48-30 with Ali Chen Zeb (20), Talha Amjad (12) and Hamza Sheikh (10) shining on the winning side and Mr. Razi ( 14), Hassan Ali (8) and Saad Salahuddin (8) on the losing side.