Basketball courts

Meriden reopens some basketball courts

MERIDEN — The city’s Parks and Recreation Department plans to reopen basketball courts in phases.

The first two courts to open are at Ceppa Field and City Park.

Lea Crown, director of health and social services, worked with the department on the reopening.

According to Chris Bourdon, Director of Parks, Recreation and Facilities.

“If we can visibly prove that the regulations are not being followed, we will remove those rims,” Bourdon said.

Protocols include no more than 20 players on a pitch at a time and social distancing. Masks must be worn on and off the field.

Courts were closed at the start of the pandemic because they were attracting up to 40 or 50 people at a time, Bourdon said.

Basketball, considered a high-risk sport under state pandemic rules, was allowed after July 6.

“According to the reopening rules, a high-risk sport is a sport that involves close and sustained contact between participants, the absence of significant protective barriers and a high probability of respiratory particles being transmitted between participants,” a said Crown.

The city delayed the opening of courts in July due to the number of COVID cases at the time. These numbers have since declined.

“We don’t want the numbers to increase; people should continue to wear face coverings, social distance, stay home if they are sick, cover their coughs and wash their hands regularly,” Crown said.

Bourdon hopes to give residents a way to spend time outdoors and continue to be active, as long as it’s done safely.

“I strongly believe, along with social distancing, wearing masks, being smart that way, that exercising, being outdoors, boosting your immune system is just as important in preventing the spread of the virus. COVID-19,” Bourdon said.

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