Basketball players

Miller basketball players work really hard for a second chance

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – For senior Miller basketball players Joshua Posada and Mark Garcia, playing the game they love is a way of life. But that life was taken from them last year after being declared ineligible for failing grades.

“When I’m in school I take care and do my job but I didn’t come to school last year and it’s my fault,” Bucs goaltender Mark Garcia said. “I didn’t come to school a lot last year as well,” said teammate Joshua Posada. Both players had to spend most of last year’s schedule.

They were determined to get back on the pitch this season. They spent a lot of time recovering their lost schoolwork through the school’s e-learning program.

“I’m very proud of their success this semester,” Miller online facilitator Cynthia Chapa Garcia said. “They’ve managed to come in and pretty much take charge of their e-learning courses. They’re motivated to do their jobs.”

The hard work of Garcia and Posada has paid off as they are back in the squad this year and contribute to the success of the squad. Coach Maurice Bastian refused to abandon them.

“They were a bit lazy when it came to academics and like ‘don’t pass, you don’t play’ they had to abstain. I saw something special in the two young men,” said said coach Bastian. “I knew they could help my program, but more importantly, I wanted to help them as a mentor and coach to help them prepare for life after high school.

Miller is off to a great start to the season, 2-0 in District 26-4A and 15-6 overall.