Basketball courts

New Henrico basketball courts hope to create a safe space

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. – Henrico has created a safe new space for people to gather and play basketball.

The county on Thursday unveiled new basketball courts that feature LED lighting, plexiglass backboards and bleacher seating for fans.

They are located at Fairfield Middle School and are open to the community after school hours.

The idea of ​​the courts is to bring the community together and create a safe haven for people to shoot a few hoops.

Many residents of Henrico, like Mashanda Thomas, have already noticed the impact of these courts.

“I mean, look at all these groups of guys here who have no problem. Just exercise, physically just for social and emotional support. I think it’s great,” Thomas said.

Thomas and many others remember a time when this space was just a big lot.

“It was all weed once,” Thomas said.

Others, like Bruce Richardson of the Police Athletic League, have already taken advantage of the new space and appreciate what it does for the community.

“It was just black asphalt and now you see what happened to it,” Richardson said. “I think it’s great for young people, the opportunity for our young people to engage.”

“We want this to be a place where young people can get off the streets and have a place to go after school, and enjoy caring and protecting themselves when we’re here,” Nelson said.

The courts have the same dimensions as NBA, WNBA and NCAA regulation courts, allowing residents of Henrico to have the full experience.