Basketball courts

New London will use federal funds for basketball courts

NEW LONDON, CT – The city has announced that it will use federal funds from the American Recovery Act to replace “the existing dilapidated basketball courts in Fulton and Mercer Parks with brand new state-of-the-art courts.” , according to a press release. These fields will be of the same style as those recently replaced at Bartlett and Toby May parks.

Fulton Park’s new layout will feature two full-size regulation courts.

The Fulton Courthouse replacement project is part of a larger planned renovation of the park, including the cleaning and removal of fencing along Briggs Brook, the installation of a pedestrian walkway over the creek and the creation of parking needed off State Pier Road, according to a statement.

This is intended to eliminate the current hazardous entrance and exit to the park from Water Street and to connect the two sections of the park that Briggs Brook currently separates.

Improvements are also planned for the pedestrian bridge over Water Street, connecting Fulton Park to the city’s downtown via Water and Union streets.

This project also includes the replacement of the basketball court adjacent to Mercer Park near Willetts Avenue, which serves the nearby area adjacent to the Waterford border.