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Oregon’s Best High School Basketball Players: Meet the Top 6A Metro League Stars (Part 1) – High School Sports News, Scores, Videos, Rankings

By Bob Lundberg

Over the next two weeks, we’ll take a conference-by-conference look at some of the best high school basketball players in the state. Here is part 1 of the Metro boys list. Check back soon for part 2.

Every league has many outstanding players, and these lists are not intended to be exhaustive. Let us know which other players should be added to the roster.

Isaiah Crane (Jesuit) photo by Leon Neuschwander


W/P Sidney Jones, Sr., 6-5

Jones is a senior captain who is averaging 16.4 points, 8.6 rebounds and two assists per game. It shoots 60% from inside the arc and 36% from deep. “Sidney mainly plays the position for us, but he’s also doing a good job on the wing,” said head coach Brett Vernon.

P Trey Dennis, father, 6-5

Dennis, a full-time freshman college player, was a major contributor on both sides of the court. The senior is posting 11 points, seven rebounds, 2.5 steals and 1.5 blocks per game. “Trey plays center for us and is very active on defense,” Vernon said. “He also has good touch around the hoop.”

W Hunter Gerard, Sr., 6-1

Gerard missed last year’s spring season through injury and is shining on his first full tryout with the varsity team. Also a starting quarterback for Aloha, Gerard is averaging 7.2 points, 5.5 rebounds and two assists per game. “He’s a good player overall and we expect him to do a lot offensively and defensively,” Vernon said. “He is our leader on the pitch.”


G Brady Rice, jr., 6-1

Rice was one of the stars of the Les Schwab Invitational, scoring 22 points in Beaverton’s first victory over Central Catholic and 31 more against Cleveland. A back injury limited Rice for the remainder of the tournament, but the Beavers still placed third. Rice averaged 16.8 points per game as a junior. “Brady is a natural scorer,” said head coach Andrew Vancil. “He’s not the biggest or the fastest, but he’ll get in his place and can put the ball in the bucket.”

G Max Elmgren, So., 6-0

A sophomore marksman, Elmgren shoots 45 percent from three points. He has 11 points, one assist and 1.5 steals per game. “Max is a leader by example,” Vancil said. “He’s an old-school kid who treats every rep in training like life or death. He’s skilled and tough, and he’s one of the best sophomores we’ve had here.

G Trevon Hamilton, Sr., 6-2

Hamilton is a steady senior point guard who fills the stat sheet every night with points (8.6), rebounds (3.4), assists (4.6) and steals (2.5). He led Class 6A in assists and steals last season and is a 92% free throw shooter. “Tre is a charismatic kid,” Vancil said. “A great athlete, and he’s getting better with every game. He has the ability to take control of a game without scoring the ball.


W Tyree Blake, senior, 6-3

A three-star football rookie with offers from Southern Oregon and Western Oregon, Blake is also standing out on the basketball court for the Jesuits. The senior averaged 10.5 points, 5.5 rebounds and 1.5 steals per game at the Les Schwab Invitational and as of mid-January led the team with 70 rebounds for the season, including 20 offensively.

W Cade Collins, jr., 6-3

Collins was the Jesuits’ brightest star at LSI, averaging 15 points, 2.8 rebounds and 1.3 assists in four games. The junior was shooting 44% from three-point field and had a team-high 18 interceptions midway through the season.

G Isaiah Crane, jr., 6-1

Crane is an athletic junior guard who attacks the paint with determination. He averaged 10.5 points at LSI while recording seven steals in four games. He’s shooting 47% from the field this season while contributing with rebounds, assists and steals.

On the mountainside

G Dimitri Cohen, Sr., 5-11

Cohen is one of two All-Metro first-team players returning from the spring season (Beaverton’s Trevon Hamilton is the other). The point guard scored a career-high 38 points in an early-season win over Lake Oswego. “Dimitri is a quick player who can handle the ball and shoot from distance,” said head coach Dustin Hewitt.

G Dylan Westlake, Sr., 6-0

Westlake was a second-team All-Metro as a junior and is another strong offensive player for the Mavericks. One of the fastest players in the league, Westlake can attack the basket and knock down jump shots. “Dylan is an explosive athlete who can score at all levels,” Hewitt said.

W Dezman Baker, Sr., 6-4

Baker would be a primary option for many teams in the state, but the talented senior is more of a role player for Mountainside. He is a multi-position defender and excels at finishing on contact. “Dez is a lifelong athlete who is a versatile defender,” Hewitt said. “He can also score at all three levels.”

G Quinn Haverman, So., 6-4

One of the top sophomores in the state, Haverman is an elite defensive player who is steadily improving on the offensive end. He has excellent size and plans to be a go-to goalscorer in the future. “Quinn is a good defender and scorer for us,” Hewitt said. “He’s starting to create for others now.”

G Brayden Boe, French, 6-3

Boe quickly made his way through the college rotation and led the Mavericks to score in a loss to Tennessee’s Cane Ridge at the Capitol City Classic. The 6-foot-3 rookie already holds a Division I offer from Portland. “Brayden is a very talented player who is an elite passer,” Hewitt said. “He’s also a consistent shooter.”