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Oregon’s Top Female High School Basketball Players: Meet the Top 5A Mid-Willamette Conference Stars (Part 2) – High School Sports News, Scores, Videos, Rankings

By Bob Lundenberg

Over the next two weeks, we’ll take a conference-by-conference look at some of the best high school basketball players in the state. Here is part 2 of the list of girls from Mid-Willamette. (See part 1 here.)

Every league has many outstanding players, and these lists are not intended to be exhaustive. Let us know which other players should be added to the roster.

Lilly Horner (Silverton) photo by Taylor Balkom

North of Salem

W Talhaya Powers, father, 5-9

Powers, an impact player for the Vikings in first and second years, did not play in the spring but is back for her senior season. She is a good goalscorer who also contributes without basketball. “Talhaya is a three-tier scorer who leads the offense,” interim head coach Chris Feskens said. “She hopes to continue her education and her basketball career in college.”

W Tashaya Powers, father, 5-9

Talhaya’s twin sister, Tashaya is also back after being away for the spring season. Feskens said Tashaya is a true leader for the Vikings on and off the pitch. “He’s someone we rely on a lot to communicate and lead the team on the pitch,” Feskens said. “She’s a very good defender who anchors our team’s defence.”

W Marbella Garcia, senior, 5-8

In her first season with North Salem, Garcia has already established herself as a tireless worker. She is also a star softball player for the Vikings. “She will work harder than anyone on the pitch,” Feskens said. “She brings a ton of energy to the team and is overall a great team-mate who always improves the program. She is relentless in defense and brings flexibility to our defense as she can keep one to five in situations. difficult.


G Lilly Horner, Sr., 5-3

Horner is a veteran point guard who shot nearly 40% from three points as a junior. She is an outstanding defender and one of the captains of the Foxes team. “She can also play point guard or off the ball,” head coach Tal Wold said. “She plays really hard for us, and she’s also one of the best liberos in the state for volleyball.”

W Paige Traeger, sr., 5-7

Another longtime college contributor, Traeger is an all-around player who is an exceptional leader and captain, Wold said. “Paige is one of the best teammates we’ve ever had here,” he added. “She leads us on the chart of heart and restlessness every week.”

W Lily Hayashida, jr., 5-10

A junior winger with a big upside, Hayashida averages around 10 points and four rebounds per game. She is one of the best shooters in the MWC. “Lily has improved by leaps and bounds defensively,” Wold said. “She is also making progress in scoring at all three levels.”

G Kyleigh Brown, so., 5-7

Selected to the MWC first team as a sophomore, Brown took her game to a new level this winter. The 5-foot-7 point guard is averaging 17 points, four assists, and five rebounds per game. “She loves basketball and competing,” Wold said. “She can really pass and score in different ways. She is one of the best players in a league full of good players.

West Albany

G Brooklyn Strandy, father, 6-0

A Portland State signing, Strandy is a two-time All-MWC selection. The 6-foot senior is a versatile guard/wing hybrid who is averaging 12.5 points, six rebounds and three blocks per game. “She’s becoming more of a threat from the outside and has great ball-handling skills that allow her to attack the rim,” West Albany head coach Shawn Stinson said.

G Lyndsay Bailey, Sr., 5-4

Bailey is a true point guard who is averaging 12 points, seven assists and 3.5 steals per game while shooting 43% from three points. She is recruited by Corban, Clark CC and Linn-Benton. “Lyndsay has one of the best court visions of any player I’ve ever coached,” Stinson said. “She’s able to reach the rim at will with a big grip and is starting to become a good deep threat.”

G Lily Ruiz, sr., 5-4

Unprepared, Ruiz is also attracting interest from several smaller schools. The fiery senior has 11 points, four rebounds, two assists and 3.5 steals per game. “Lily is an absolute ballerina, one of the best reactive defensive players I’ve coached,” Stinson said. “She’s becoming an all-around player with increased confidence and that’s my best-kept secret.”

F Kendra Kosmicki, Sr., 5-10

Kosmicki fills the stat sheet as a senior with 9.5 points, 5.5 rebounds, one assist and 1.7 steals per game. A strong athlete for his size, Kosmicki’s contenders include Eastern Oregon, Western Oregon and Mount Hood. “She develops a good mid-range jumper but comes to the rim with solid footwork,” Stinson said. “It’s a workhorse.”

P Emmy Louber, so., 5-10

A rising sophomore for the Bulldogs, Louber excels in rebounding and finishing around the basket. Stinson said about 80% of his rebounds were on the offensive side. “She runs the ground well in transition and has great knowledge of the terrain,” Stinson said.