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Red / White Scrimmage Shows Wisconsin Men’s Basketball Players ‘A Whole Different Kind of Tempo’ | Wisconsin Badgers Men’s Basketball

Before the start of the events, members of the men’s and women’s basketball teams dusted their dancing shoes during the presentations.

The female and male players were paired up to perform various TikTok dances with the help of the dance team. Senior center Chris Vogt danced stiffly to the country song “Neon Moon”, while junior guard Carter Higginbottom eclipsed his teammates with his rendition of “Apple Bottom Jeans”.

Le Gard and first-year girls’ basketball coach Marisa Moseley welcomed fans to the event and did their own dance steps.

“It’s really exciting to be at the Kohl Center for the first time with people who support our team,” Moseley said in his speech to the crowd. “I look forward to seeing you all here this year.”

In addition to the scrum, the teams gathered for two events – a 3-point shooting contest and a “shooting star” contest in which participants had to perform a layup, a free throw, a 3-point shoot and a shooting star. half court to win.

Second-year guard Isaac Lindsey and second-year forward Carter Gilmore joined two players on the women’s team – senior guard Alex Luehring and second-year guard Lexi Duckett – to edge out a team led by Brad Davison in the the championship round to win the 3-point shooting title.