Basketball courts

Renovated basketball courts attract players

Basketball players are thrilled to play outdoors on a newly renovated court at Zoo Lake.

Zoo Lake User Committee Chair Fran Haslam said she and the committee are grateful to Nike for their generous sponsorship that helped bring the redesign to fruition.

A fiber mesh was installed and the markings repainted to make the pitch solid and safe.

Thabo Kobola aims for the hoop. Photo: Sarah Koning

“Basketball is the fastest growing sport in South Africa. We want to provide players with a safe and fun place to play outdoors. Netball players come from as far away as Benoni to use the new pitch. It added such value to Zoo Lake,” Haslam said.

“When the second court is finished, this area will be state of the art. We want it to be a family park. Open green spaces like this have become so important, especially during Covid-19, for relaxation. We are so lucky to have this park in the middle of the suburbs for all to enjoy.

Basketball coach, trainer and court keeper Ronald Mokhali said: “Before the courts were redeveloped, we saw a lot of injuries caused by people slipping on the courts. Since the resurfacing we’ve seen a lot of new faces and now it’s much safer and cleaner for players.

Basketball player Thabo Kobola described the courts as being up to NBA (National Basketball Association) standards.

Community members are excited about Zoo Lake’s renovated and safer basketball courts. Behind: Thabo Kobola, Fran Haslam and Duyani Mlambo. Front: Ronald Mokhali. Photo: Sarah Koning

“I come here thanks to Ronald’s coaching. These courts are so safe and it’s free and nice to be outside,” said Kobola.

Haslam stressed that the courts should be used exclusively for basketball and netball. They weren’t for football, skateboarding, or in-line skating.

She urged all users to respect the courts and leave them in the same condition they found them.

The second set of courts is expected to be completed by March.


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