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SDSU basketball players create non-profit organization

BROOKINGS, SD (KELO) — You might recognize them by what they’ve accomplished in the spotlight on the court, but two female basketball players from SDSU have also started a new nonprofit.

Non-profit organization of Junior Myah Selland and second Tori Nelson “His turn” is affiliated with the Brookings Foundation.

“Her Turn is a scholarship program designed to help girls from the Brookings community attend camps here at SDSU, so sports camps. So this summer we will have basketball, volleyball and soccer,” Selland said.

All the money raised will help the college girls to participate in these camps for free. These funds will also be used to pay for necessary equipment and transportation. It all started as an idea last fall.

“I just have a super specific memory of sitting together in a living room. We were kind of talking about women in sports and how passionate we were about it, and we were just like, ‘Well, why let’s do something about it. Let’s actually, you know, make a difference,” Nelson said.

“What an opportunity for them to influence and impact those around them while continuing to compete at this college level,” said SDSU women’s basketball assistant coach Sadie Thramer.

She says attending basketball camps has been a big part of her growth.

“The best part of camp is admiring these athletes,” she said. You know, you can see them. You will be coached by them. You can shoot basketball with them. These girls in the community, having this chance right now thanks to Myah and Tori, it’s just awesome to see.

Selland recalls a camp she attended at Augustana University when she was young.

“Being there and having that experience and looking up on the wall and seeing those girls living out their dreams, I think that’s probably one of my earliest memories, and now it’s fun to be here at SDSU and our, like we’re on the wall now. We have banners on the wall, which is really cool. I think it started when I was a little girl in one of those camps,” a- she declared.

The camps will take place in June and July. If you would like to donate or find out who is eligible, you can visit the Turn website.