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The world’s most unexpected basketball courts | Blog | Tokyo Olympics 2020


(Stephan / Courts du monde)

Hi, Raptors fans! Nothing beats our team’s ground. But there are basketball courts that will make you do a double take.

Dribble this way to discover the most surprising basketball courts in the area!

Floating yard

a barge on the river which is a basketball court

(Photo by Prince Roy under CC BY 2.0 license)

You might think that basketball and water don’t mix. It turns out they do!

This basketball court floats on a lake in Cambodia. Many people live in floating houses on this lake. So it makes sense that their basketball court would also drift on the water.

Locals regularly board for a hoop game. There are nets all around the field. This is to make sure that a basketball does not fall into the water during a game.

Bumpy yard

a courtyard which has an area which has small hills and valleys

(Stephan / Courts du monde)

When you imagine a basketball court, you probably think of a flat surface. Well, that makes sense.

But this court in Munich, Germany is the exact opposite. It was designed to have hills and mounds all over the place!

In addition, there are even a few lamps in the middle of the court. Pitch designers say it all helps basketball players get creative when playing a game.

Rooftop courtyard

a courtyard surrounded by stone walls with an ocean view

(malogue47 / Courts of the world)

This basketball court is on the roof of a building in Croatia. There are stone walls all around which are centuries old.

And if you ever need a break after a game, you’re guaranteed to have a great view. The courtyard overlooks the seafront.

Court at sea

a court temporarily built on the deck of a ship

The USS Yorktown in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina, converted into a basketball court, 2012. (Streeter Lecka / Getty Images)

A basketball court was built on the deck of an American ship. It took around 150 people to turn the ship’s track into a courthouse. They needed thousands of pieces to build the court, the nets, the scoreboard and the stands.

Two college teams have organized an official basketball game about it. Shortly after, the court was dismantled, so the ship could recover its trail.

Oldest courtyard

watching the YMCA court in Paris as the players throw the ball

Players train in the basement of the YMCA (known as UCJG in France) in Paris. (Gérard Julien / Getty Images)

The oldest known basketball court is in the basement of a YMCA building in Paris. It was built in 1893, just two years after the invention of basketball.

There is only one problem when it comes to playing a good basketball game here. Two large posts were to be placed in the middle to support the ceiling.

Today’s players must therefore be extra careful when playing ball!