Basketball courts

Tuscora Park Foundation to focus on basketball courts.

Providing safe, updated outdoor basketball courts is the 2021 goal of the nonprofit Tuscora Park Foundation, which supports the New Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department by raising funds for improvement projects.

The Foundation recently announced that it has secured initial funding pledges and is actively seeking grants to fund the reconstruction of three basketball courts. Two courts are located in Tuscora Park and the third is located on property recently acquired by the City of New Philadelphia on the south side near the intersection of S. Broadway, 2nd St. SE and Colonial Ave. SE.

“Two of the identified needs for improvements and upgrades to our city’s park facilities were the resurfacing of tennis courts and basketball courts,” said Mike Ernest, Chairman of the Tuscora Board of Directors. Park Foundation. “The City of New Philadelphia announced in 2016 that it would approach these projects in two phases, with the resurfacing of six tennis courts being in the first phase and the basketball courts to follow in the second phase.”

The estimated total cost of the basketball court project is $83,000, with the City of New Philadelphia committing $15,000 towards the cost and the New Philadelphia High School boys’ basketball program. committing to $1,000. Ernest said the Foundation hopes to raise the balance of costs through grants, and construction could begin as early as this year if all funding is secured in 2021.

The Tuscora Park Foundation, an independent 501(c)3 organization, assists in the development, acquisition, and acceptance of funds for the current and future needs of the city’s Parks and Recreation Department. The Foundation is governed by a volunteer and appointed Board of Directors.

The Foundation also helped raise funds for the development of the city’s Southside Community Park. The inauguration of the first phase of this project, estimated at $2.2 million, took place last summer.

For more details on or to support the Tuscora Park Foundation, visit or call the New Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation office in Tuscora Park at 330.343.4644.