Basketball athletes

Two Canadian broadcasters fired from service for ‘body-shaming’ basketball athletes

Earlier this week (January 13), two broadcasters from WHOU 100.1 FM, a local radio station in Maine, Canada, were fired after they apparently humiliated two female athletes for being “overweight”. Their mocking remarks of the two players made a match between two high schools in Central Aroostook and Easton.

Listeners later complained to the radio station, saying such “derogatory comments” could “harm players’ self-esteem”. Following the complaints, the station decided to terminate the contracts of the two broadcasters who had previously worked as high school coaches.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Fred Grant, the owner of the radio station, apologized on behalf of the broadcasters. He also asked people to move on and said, “While it’s a mistake, I’m going to ask each of you to help us refocus attention on the excellence we see every day in our homes. students. If you shared the video post, I hope you will delete it, not to minimize the incident, but to better help all of our students move on to work and important life events.

WHOU 100.1 FM has been reporting on the local sports scene in Maine for over a decade and has thousands of followers. Many people praised the radio station for acting quickly.