Basketball courts

University of Lincoln grants JC Parks land for outdoor fitness center and basketball courts

A new outdoor fitness center and basketball courts are in store for The Linc.

The University of Lincoln Board of Curators last week approved a proposal for the Jefferson City Department of Parks and Recreation to use land near The Linc to build two new basketball courts and a fitness center . Lincoln retains ownership of the land but permits JC Parks to use it for new offerings.

The fitness center features a variety of MoveStrong equipment designed for stretching, muscle training and conditioning, including upright stall bars, incline balance beam, T-REX 4-Post, punching bag and plyo steps.

The outdoor fitness center could be located around the corner from the Linc’s lower parking lot, near the stadium deck. It will be fully open and free to the public.

The area will use blue grass and equipment will be painted to match Lincoln colors, university president John Moseley said.

JC Parks is covering the total cost of the project, which is expected to be $108,445 for equipment and installation.

The outdoor basketball courts are more of a joint venture, in which the university and the city will split the costs, which are currently unknown.

Moseley said an architect is designing the basketball courts, which will be fenced off and will require a Linc subscription to access. All LU students are members of The Linc through their Student Welfare Fee.

Moseley said the university will use funds generated from student welfare fees to cover Lincoln’s portion of construction costs.

The outdoor basketball courts will be located at the north end of The Linc and will only be open when The Linc is.

Jeff Turner, director of facilities and the university’s planning department, said there should be room between The Linc and the Boys and Girls Club to trim the land, add a retaining wall and build two fields. basketball court, and possibly the outdoor fitness center as well.

“We prefer, if possible, to include the fitness center in this location,” Moseley said. “Otherwise, it will be through the green route.”

The Linc often has people working out indoors in the winter and outdoors in warmer seasons, Moseley said, so it would make more sense to place the outdoor fitness center near the Linc.

Curator Richard Callahan said locating the city’s new fitness center on campus, while open to all, would be more convenient for students.

LU athletics probably wouldn’t use the facility, Moseley said, but it would benefit students, the ROTC program and the police academy.

“I see this as a benefit to our campus,” Moseley said. “It’s another on-campus activity — another on-campus activity option for our students.”

“It’s a service to our students and the community,” he continued.

Campus security and maintaining land ownership were priorities for Lincoln’s Board of Conservatives, which overwhelmingly approved the plans.