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UPDATE: Milton HS basketball players arrested after being linked to crime via Snapchat | News

During a search of Connor Mediate’s apartment, police found several ounces of marijuana and THC cartridges. They also found the victim’s phone, which contained evidence that he was using the Snapchat and Telegram apps to facilitate drug sales.

Messages shortly before the shooting had come from someone using the name “Cam”. Police were able to locate 17-year-old Cameron Walker.

“We believe it was a drug related case that they were there to buy or steal from the suspect,” said Captain Sean Woods, of the Alpharetta Police Department.

“They used multiple platforms, but the one that we found the most useful information on was Snapchat. And the most important thing to tell people is that you can think of it going away, nothing is going away and that it is. is always there for life. “

Police also spoke to several witnesses who described hearing several gunshots and seeing a dark colored vehicle. A witness told police he saw a “black” Porsche Panamera enter the apartment complex and ask someone for directions.

Another witness told police she heard a single shot followed by someone screaming and then two more shots. Another witness also heard the gunshot and filmed a car leaving the scene.

Police were able to determine that Cameron Walker’s father owned a dark brown Porsche Panamera. Police were also able to determine that Walker’s phone was near the apartment complex at the time of the shooting.

Messages on Walker’s phone revealed that he wanted to steal Mediate because he had a lot of money and a Rolex.

Searching for phone records also linked 18-year-old Jonathan Murray to the crime. A search of his phone revealed he was in the same area as Walker on the night of the shooting. Murray is a teammate of Walker.

“It’s really shocking and weird to hear that. When I was playing with them they were always really nice to me. I never would have thought that. We are all waiting to see what happens,” said Henry, a high school student. Bobé.

At this time, it’s unclear whether Walker or Murray shot Mediate. Witnesses say they heard 6 shots and Mediate received 3 bullets. It is possible that the two basketball players shot Mediate.

In addition to playing basketball, Murray is a soccer player and has an offer to play soccer in Virginia, according to the Washington Post.

“It really hurts because these kids are only 17, 18 and, I mean, their life comes down to one really bad decision,” said Captain Woods.

Walker had just signed up to play Division I basketball at George Mason University, but a spokesperson for the university told CBS46 the offer was no longer in the following statement:

“We are devastated that a young man in Georgia has lost his life and we extend our deepest condolences to his family. We take these matters very seriously. Cameron Walker’s family have been informed that he can no longer be considered for admission to the George Mason University men’s basketball program. “

The athletic director of Milton High School also responded to the allegations on social media:

“The news of the arrest of 2 of our students last night is shocking. These events do not reflect what we stand for or what it means to be a student at Milton HS. We are here for you, ready to offer resources to students who may be affected by this news. “

UPDATE (CBS46) – A Fulton County judge has denied bail for the two student-athletes accused of killing Connor Mediate.

“It’s really shocking and strange to hear that. when I played with them they were always very nice to me, I never would have thought that. We’re all waiting to see what happens, “Henry Bobe said at Milton High School.

ALPHARETTA, Ga (CBS46) – Alpharetta Police have arrested Cameron Walker, 17, and Jonathan Murray, 18, on suspicion of theft and murder in connection with Connor Mediate’s death.

The arrests come after a month-long investigation into an October 14 incident at Collingwood Apartments.

Police identified the two student-athletes from Milton High School as the alleged attackers.

The teens were arrested just after the Milton High School season opener ended. They are scheduled to appear in court on Thursday at 11 a.m.

The matter is still under investigation and the Alpharetta Police Department is asking anyone with relevant information to contact the service’s hotline at 678-297-6307.