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We don’t know why 5 IU basketball players were suspended. Here’s what we know.

Indiana University men’s basketball coach mike woodson suspended five players — starters Xavier Johnson and Parker Stewartas well as reservations Tamar Bates, Khristian Lander and Michael Durr — ahead of Tuesday night’s game at Northwestern.

The shorthanded Hoosiers lost 59-51. They are 16-7 overall and 7-6 in Big Ten Conference play.

Why were 5 IU basketball players suspended?

Woodson did not specify why the players were suspended. In an unusual move, the players put on their uniforms and sat down on the bench.

Here’s what Woodson — who played for the legendary Bob Knight, IU Coach — said about suspensions:

► “I am building a culture here. I’m not here to play with guys who don’t want to do what they’re asked to do. If they don’t want to, they have to leave. I want to bring players here who proudly wear this uniform, do all the necessary things on and off the pitch.

► “I am not going to give you all the interns (the reasons for their suspensions). They broke the rules and they were punished for it. If we want to be a team and you set rules that the guys have to obey as a team, then that’s what you have to do.”

Who did Mike Woodson suspend?

Xavier Johnson started IU’s first 22 games at point guard, averaging 10.6 points and 4.7 assists per game.

Parker Stewart started 21 times, leading the Hoosiers with 41 3-pointers with 45.1% accuracy. He averages 6.9 points.

Tamar Bates had appeared in 21 games, averaging 15.4 minutes and 4.0 points.

Michael Durr is a reserve position player who has played 19 games with an average of 2.2 points.

Khristian Lander is a playmaker who was sidelined by injuries for part of the season. He played 10 games with an average of 3.4 points.

What’s next for suspended Indiana basketball players?

Woodson doesn’t say, “I don’t know if this is a game or not. I have to make this decision.”

The Hoosiers play at Michigan State on Saturday.

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This article originally appeared on Indianapolis Star: Indiana Basketball Suspensions: What We Know About Mike Woodson’s Move