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Westford Girls’ Basketball Courts Return – Lowell Sun

WESTFORD – The message was pretty clear, “We’re back, baby!

On Friday afternoon, those words came from three veteran players of the Westford Academy women’s basketball team, Carly Davey, Abby Chambers and Kate Barnes. Like the rest of their teammates, they were on the gym floor, working out exercises with sweat streaming down their faces.

While they may have been doing it all last week in preparation for next week’s season opener, it was a much different story last winter when the Westford School Board voted against allowing Winter high school team competitions due to COVID-19, despite almost every single surrounding city being allowed to compete.

“We were all disappointed that we missed a season (so now) we have a lot of work to do and a lot to catch up with because we missed a season,” said senior forward Tamar Almasian. “We were just very disappointed and upset that we weren’t allowed to play last year. Plus, the five seniors on last year’s squad, they didn’t have their last season. (All of this) was just very heartbreaking.

Emotions were running high when the 4-3 vote fell and news broke that the winter sports season was canceled. For women’s basketball coach Russ Coward, he said he understood the decision but disagreed with the way it was handled.

“I am always very disappointed. Honestly, I think I got over my selfish disappointment, but I still think there was some real bad service, ”he said. “The thing is, disappointing as it is, I at least understand why (the decision was made). They were being too careful and I understand that and I appreciate what they thought. ‘They did not make the decision, but not to rethink the decision after realizing that many other experts in all the other cities had realized (the sport could play) safe.

When this happened, Coward and players and coaches from other programs expressed their displeasure on social media as well as with a story posted in The sun. Davey was the student athlete advocate and she read a letter prepared to the school committee.

“I think I was one of the craziest people. We were all crazy, ”said Davey, who will play next year at Bowdoin College. “I was really disappointed with the way the situation was handled and not being able to play.

“The most disappointing thing was before the meeting even started that the decision was made. They made it more of a show than a real (discussion) and decision. It was just very disappointing – just the way (all of the school officials) handled it. Then once the decision was made, there was no email or anything from anyone saying how sorry they felt for us, or anything from that. No one received any follow-up.

But it wasn’t just the girls ‘basketball team that got their hearts out – the boys’ basketball team, both hockey teams, and all the senior athletes who didn’t get the hang of it. chance to play in their final seasons have all been affected.

“Not playing last year was difficult for everyone. We felt we had a strong team and a great group of seniors and a strong group of juniors. They seemed to like playing together and it would have been fun to see what they could have accomplished, ”said men’s hoop coach Chris Bramanti. “The hardest part has been seeing the seniors who have been playing together since they were in fifth grade, not having the chance to end their careers in high school.

“This year, I reminded our current seniors and juniors that this is the reason for life. Things can be taken away from us so quickly and without concern or regard for what we think is important. We are therefore dedicating this season to seniors 2021. We hope to make them proud.

Even though COVID-19 is still here, high school athletic teams have hit parquet floors, ice rinks, tracks, gyms for wrestling and gymnastics, and pools for swimming. Sport is back in Westford.

“It has been a brutal year,” Coward said. “This is not to diminish the people who have legitimately had brutal years. It was hard. We’ve spent our entire lives coaching basketball so seeing other people do it was tough, but we have evolved and are ready to attack this year. I wish things were perfect but we have learned (that they are not). I couldn’t be happier to be back here and I know it will be hard to hold back our tears and our emotions in this first game.

1206 westford girls hoop Members of the Westford women’s basketball team are excited for the season ahead. From left to right: Kiani Barnard-Pratt, Tamar Almasian, Kate Barnes, Carly Davey, Abby Chambers and Kayley Carignan. Courtesy photo