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Who are the best basketball players in the Spartans football team? – Athleticism

EAST LANSING, Mich. — It’s a great time to be a Michigan State fan. The football team has just completed an 11-win season, with spring training underway. The men’s basketball team is gearing up for another NCAA Tournament appearance. There aren’t many programs that can boast that kind of dual-sport success.

Renowned football superfan Tom Izzo and Mel Tucker, who has been a frequent visitor to MSU home basketball games, spoke to reporters on Monday to preview the upcoming weeks for their respective schedules. So in the spirit of March Madness and Spring Football kicking off at the same time, I thought it was a good opportunity to combine those sports.

Although Tucker is new to this, this is an exercise I’ve completed for the third time. There was the 2019 team, in which Darrell Stewart Jr. compared himself to Steve Nash and Russell Westbrook in the same sentence. There was a dead year in 2020 (for, uh, obvious reasons). And then, a new program for 2021 with many new faces. Some of these faces are returning for 2022.

People, I feel really good in this group. Now that I also cover Michigan State basketball, I think my eye for talent has increased. The star power is obviously there, with a few football players joining the current basketball roster. I enlarged the bench to highlight a few more players. And I’m thrilled with this group’s guard game, which, as Tucker mentioned, is useful in March.

I challenge anyone to find a team of Power 5 soccer players that can beat this one. You simply cannot.