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Woodrow Wallace Middle School basketball players got to work and got the results

The coaches of the seventh and eighth grade teams submitted their season recaps with shoutouts to team members. | Unsplash/Markus Spiske

Teamwork, courage in the face of adversity, and hard work brought success on the basketball court to sixth, seventh, and eighth graders at William Wallace Middle School.

The coaches of the seventh and eighth grade teams submitted their season recaps with shoutouts to team members.

Seventh-Grade Women’s Basketball: Hard Work Pays Off

By Coach Zachary Sanders

“If everyone moves forward together, then success will take care of itself.” Those words from Henry Ford never rang truer than when describing the 2021-22 Wallace Colts seventh-grade basketball team.

As a freshman coach, I had the privilege of working with an incredible group of girls. I’m so proud of each of them for all the hard work they put in. They trained for hours, including every Saturday morning for months, to come together with the common goal of improving, both individually and as a team. We had losses, we had quarantines and injuries, but these girls persevered and never gave up.

We picked up some amazing wins, sweeping the South Fork, wins at Murray and Monroe and beating Stockdale Christian and Lincoln to earn second place in the El Tejon tournament despite missing players due to quarantine.

Every day we got better as a team and I can’t wait to see how amazing our two women’s teams will be next year. It was an honor to coach with my assistant coach Amanda Gibson, to have the support and commitment of all the parents, and to have the privilege of coaching the greatest sport in the world with such an incredible group of young girls. .

Leenah Troller (7th), Kyla Hacker (7th), Hazel Kioseff (7th), Scarlett Webber (7th), Sam Wyly (7th), Cambria Dragg (7th), Maddy Pittack (7th), Brooke Gibson (6th), Anna Allen (6th), Peyton Mental (6th), Kaylee Ellis (6th), Josie Helferty (6th), Kyla Taylor (6th), Fernanda Lozano (6th) and Brianna Soriano (6th), thank you all for your hard work, your enthusiasm and good memories. You are all amazing and I can’t wait to do it again next year.

Grade 8 Women’s Basketball: WE Are One Team

By Coach John Feldschau

Uncertainty. Fear. More questions than answers. This is how the season started in the midst of a pandemic.

Twelve eighth grade girls got together to play a sport that only three of them had ever tried before. But there was hope, determination and talent to be discovered.

For four months, these student-athletes have forged a bond that will never break. They fell in love with a game that taught them strength, courage, teamwork, sportsmanship and character. They practiced indoors, outdoors and at home. And their hard work paid off. During this season, their record proves it, 11-2. And of the two losses, they came back and won against those teams in the second half of the season.

We will never forget the last game. They were playing for third place in Kern County and were down 19-18 with less than a minute left in the fourth quarter. On a jump ball, the opposing team acted violently and received a technical foul. Jayda Bushling drained a free throw and tied the game, 19-19. With just 33 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, the air was charged with anticipation and the entire gym at Beardsley Junior High was filled with our fans chanting “Wallace, Wallace, Wallace!”

Our athletes have earned this accolade. The praise also came from all the other teams in the tournament. Why? Because these girls showed amazing sportsmanship and made friendships with every team. We had possession under our hoop. The game was in motion, Claire received the pass and made a quick pass to Jayda in the corner – shot, swish, 21-19. We were ahead by 2 with 14 seconds remaining. The volume of cheers was increased to 11. The opposing team circled the ball, quickly bringing it downfield, a shot was taken, nothing. We bounced back, held the ball and the buzzer sounded. Our bench players jumped in the air. We won! Fans were on their feet, tears started to flow.

A thought began to flow: “WE are a team.” A real team that rose and faced both inexperience and the pandemic without fear. And we won. With character, class and teamwork. It is with pride that we ended the season by singing together for the last time “one, two, three Colts”. It was truly a season like no other.


Bear Mountain League Consolation Champions

Third place at Kern County Tournament

Grade 8 Boys Basketball: Facing Adversity and Winning

By Coach Aaron LaFarga

The eighth-grade boys’ basketball team finished the season with a 12-6 record and took third place in the El Tejon tournament. We faced some adversity at the start of the year when almost half of our team was affected by COVID-19.

Players who had never played basketball before had to step up and play the majority of the minutes. We’ve never been the biggest team on the pitch and we’ve always had to live up to our competition. It is a testament to the tenacity and dedication of these players that they were able to finish the season with a winning record. I couldn’t be more proud of the boys who have held on for the whole season. I hope to see them all on the field in high school.